Vargr i Veum

classical  folk 

Vargr i Veum
A collection of my recent compositions as I continue to experiment with classical instrumentation in various forms.

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Liner Notes

This album is an arrangement of numerous songs that I've written over the last few months. They draw on many different sources of inspiration as my approach to each song was typically to try new techniques and form focusing on different genre-based styles, repetition versus progression, chromaticism and melody/rhythm across the instruments available to me. I continued to look at historical music interpretations with these songs while trying to work within self-taught styles.

The subject inspiration for these songs range from Germanic Mythology/Folklore, historical events and nature to simple objects and abstraction of emotions and ideals. Many of the titles are stylized in Old Norse, but they also include Latin, English, Old English and Norwegian.

The accompanying pictures I've taken serve as representations of my inspirations and further expression of my ideals from this album in visual terms.

Track Listing:
1. Defeat at Teutoburg (4:58)
2. Hærfest Beorc (4:11)
3. Olaf the Peacock (3:07)
4. Grímafjell (5:22)
5. Danzleikr (5:04)
6. Dagaeldr (4:42)
7. Suðvegr Reiðr (3:14)
8. Kraakevisa (6:13)
9. Commiseration (3:25)
10. Hnefatafl (5:05)
11. Despondence (5:52)
12. Hrafnsongr (2:44)
13. Alea Iacta Est (14:18)
I: Introduction/Setting
II: Home Theme
III: Machinations
IV: Hell Breaks Loose
V: The Fiery Imp (A Deal Is Made)
VI: The Devil's Arrival
VII: The Dance Of Flames
Bonus songs:
14. Grímafjell Harpsichord Rendition (3:33)
15. Danzleikr 8-bit (5:03)

Total Length - 1:16:52

Caution: Should only be played at loud volumes.

All associated pictures are by Quinn Lowrey.



Quinn Lowrey


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