Alea Iacta Est


Alea Iacta Est
Based on Julius Caesar in the abstract, Alea Iacta Est is short piece about sacrifice and consequence expressing a "deal with the devil".

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Liner Notes

Alea Iacta Est is ultimately inspired by Caesar and the role he played as an individual in transforming the greatest civilization in history. Coming from the phrase uttered by Caesar crossing the Rubicon, "alea iacta est" is frequently translated as "the die has been cast" and largely signifies the death of the Roman Republic.

The piece itself, however, more abstractly portrays the classic "deal with the devil" form in a musical expression dealing with turmoil and dark forces as they beset a more humble setting. Shifts to chromaticism, use of odd numbers, tempo increase and instrumentation (primarily the glockenspiel, tubular bells and drums) are all intended to create unease and signify the coming or onset of evil within the narrative.

Alea Iacta Est structure:

I: Introduction/Setting
II: Home Theme
III: Machinations
IV: Hell Breaks Loose
V: The Fiery Imp (A Deal Is Made)
VI: The Devil's Arrival
VII: The Dance Of Flames

Composed for strings, percussion and choir.

Caution: Should only be played at loud volumes.

All associated pictures are by Quinn Lowrey.



Quinn Lowrey


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